Make FREE part of your open play marketing strategy   F.R.E.E. shouldn’t stand for Frequently Ruining Earnings & Equity. You have two tools to get your message to customers; your words and your images. Your magic wand in marketing is to use the word properly. In this month’s issue we are going to give you

Start paying your customers ‘rent’ – in the form of cash-back, rewards, special deals, and incentives – in exchange for their data and watch how your small investment delivers significant returns. If a consumer likes your business, they are usually willing to give you their information. Most don’t believe you are going to do anything

The 5 Best Practices and the 10 Benefits They’ll Bring to Your Business Any company would be crazy not to utilize “Cause Marketing” to their advantage as well as to the advantage of their community. Done properly, cause marketing can be the most profitable aspect of a customer loyalty program, as it satisfies consumers in


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