Pay Your Customers Rent – Top 3 Things You must do to create customer loyalty!

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Start paying your customers ‘rent’ – in the form of cash-back, rewards, special deals, and incentives – in exchange for their data and watch how your small investment delivers significant returns.

If a consumer likes your business, they are usually willing to give you their information. Most don’t believe you are going to do anything with it. Go for the shock factor! Don’t make them wait until they rack up an unrealistic amount of rewards to get a treat. Treat them now and they will come back for more.

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If you want to grow your business in the least expensive way you will want to make sure you have these three basics covered:

  1. Tell them exactly what you are going to give them. It sounds so simple but think about how many times you have seen something like this: “Sign-up and receive special deals and discounts!”. Consumers are tired of filling out forms or registering online only to find out they have to spend an enormous sum of money to gain rewards for out-of-reach rewards. They want to know what they are getting RIGHT NOW! That is right, not what they could get or what they might get. They want you to give them a solid answer of what reward is coming their way, and they want it to be within reach.
  2. Make it easy to get rewarded. Now that the consumer is clear on what they are getting, they do not want to play a game of “find the coupon”. You have been on their mind, and they finally came in to redeem this special gift/offer you gave them for signing up. They feel like they have earned it, they have taken ownership. When they signed up for your gift/offer they told you they plan to come back, and here they are. Yes, they just said they like you and they came back. Give them more reasons to come back, more often. Your customers want validation and respects for their loyalty, give it to them!
  3. Keep the conversation going. If they give you their contact information, they want you to communicate with them. Just think about it for a minute, I give you my phone number or email, but you never contact me. Your customer now thinks you do not care about them, or they believe that you are They are now vulnerable to being swooped up by your competitor that makes the call. They may love you, but chances are they wish you thought of them more often. They will come back sooner when you do those necessary appreciative little extras for them.

We all know in business sometimes the simplest things can have the biggest impact. By giving your customers something back every time they visit your business you are essentially paying them rent for their data. Make the action of getting rewarded as easy as possible and watch your revenue grow.

You have reviewed a fair bit of information on how Loyal Patron can benefit your business and I think this gives you a quick snapshot of how to treat your loyal customers. Loyal Patron does all this for you. At the very basic level, we thank your customers for each visit and we remind (and inspire!) them to come back again and again.

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